First Win!

I got a 94.67% on my first human anatomy and physiology exam! I actually can’t believe it, this is the first time my hard work has really paid off, I went from continually being C and low B student in science to actually being able to show what I can do. I hope to keep up a trend of +90% but it’s going to be an up hill battle, luckily it’s a battle I’m willing and ready to fight.



I have no idea what I’ll do with my life, there are so many roads to take but not nearly enough time. Nonetheless I do know where I want to end up. I want to be standing at an operating table saving someone’s life.

It’s hard to believe that is where I want to be, not too long ago I’d furrow my eyebrows and say “I don’t know” or “something in science” because the thought of admitting I wanted something seemingly unattainable was almost unbearable. But it isn’t, I just need to have conviction and push myself instead of sitting idly by like I’ve always done.

I hope as time goes on I can put into words exactly what makes me want to be a surgeon, until then this will just be a collection of random thoughts, helpful information, my failures, and (hopefully) successes.